Pulmonary Rehab

Living With’s new pulmonary rehab (PR) products are designed with St Barts and North East London (NEL) to enable patient-centred and personalised care through streamlining data reporting, group management, 2-way messaging and condition-specific treatment programmes and pathways.

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  • Administration pathways are fragmented, laborious and time
  • Many patients are not actively involved in their condition
  • Limited patient-clinician interaction has led to reduced engagement and motivation.
  • Traditional healthcare structures are often daunting and inaccessible for minority groups, and those living in deprivation.


This solution facilitates messaging, patient group management and data collection features, which allow data reporting, leading to reduced administrative duties and the optimisation of clinical time. 

Living With’s modular platform consists of a foundation product — ‘Living With Breathing’ — and condition-specific ‘add on’ products for: asthma, COPD, ILD and Breathlessness.

Features available

  • 2-way individual messaging
  • group management and group messaging
  • goals module
  • medication tracker
  • carer module
  • symptom tracker
  • educational content on breathing, physical activity, anxiety and depression
  • 5 cross-condition questionnaires:  EQ-5D-5L, MRC, GAD-7, PHQ-8 and a demographic (about you) one
  • Condition specific assessments for COPD, asthma and ILD, such as the ACT, CAT, KBILD and D-12
  • Treatment-specific programmes on sputum clearance, laryngeal health and personalised onboarding/offboarding programmes


Foundation product

Living With Breathing

Condition specific products

PR Asthma




Personalised treatment programmes


Sputum clearance


Air pollution and your lungs


Nutrition and lung disease

Laryngeal health

Low mood and anxiety

Clinician and patient looking at a tablet screen

Expected Benefits

The flexible product models allow clinics to personalise and track the way they assess, manage and treat patients through:

  • More efficient reporting and a reduction in administrative duties: efficiently capturing key data insights in a centralised location, which enables seamless reporting. Living With provides access to a wide range of anonymised clinic data for evaluations, such as referral dates, number of referrals, first assessment date and total time from referral date to enrolment.
  • Group management and group messaging: enables fast and efficient communications with patients. Living With allows you to triage patients through groups, and invite patients to appointments/ group sessions without the administrative duties that traditional communications entail.
  • A modular platform that is personalised to a patient’s condition: achieved through the foundation product — ‘Living With Breathing’ — being paired with condition specific ‘add on’ products for: asthma, COPD, ILD and breathlessness. There is also a range of treatment-specific programmes to choose from.