Manage your patients’ care more efficiently with Living With Hypophosphatasia.

smiling patient
Man holding painful wrist

Hypophosphatasia is a complicated, debilitating condition that impacts very young children as well as adults. There is a very clear need to support patients and their parents/carers with the management of their treatment of this condition.


Living With HPP is available as a stand-alone patient app or as a connected product for a clinic. It is designed to make it easy for patients and their carers to manage the injection schedules, notes and clinical appointments more efficiently. The product is set up for HPP but can be adapted for other rare conditions.


  • patient and clinician enrolment
  • injection diary
  • library of clinically-validated articles
  • enrol 1-2 carers (trusted friends or family members) to the carer app where they can view and add information onto the patient app (including notes and events)
HPP library screenshot
HPP strensiq diary screenshot
Two friends


  • enable different carers to register, access, view and update data in parallel
  • securely synchronise the cloud data with a ‘carer’ app so that two+ people can review, edit and update the same diary, including potential adolescents with different expectations
  • manage the patient’s care more efficiently
  • enable patients to understand their condition and manage their condition better
  • enable clinicians to see side effects or outcomes
  • enable patients to manage medication prescriptions


For results on the efficacy of Living With’s bladder and bowel products head to the Case Studies page.