Faecal Incontinence

Increase patient engagement, improve patient outcomes and reduce service costs by using Living With Faecal Incontinence.

Woman smiling
Comforting a patient

Faecal incontinence impacts one in ten people. It is a psychologically and physically debilitating condition that negatively affects an individual’s quality of life.


Living With Faecal Incontinence (LWFI) enables clinicians to distribute a free LWFI app to their patients, and monitor their patients’ progress remotely at any time. They can view their patient’s: outcomes, leaks, adherence to pelvic floor muscle exercises and medication.


  • messaging
  • patient and clinician enrolment
  • file attachments
  • goal tracking
  • medication tracking
  • condition-specific outcome measures: ICIQ-B, FIQL, Wexner and SNS satisfaction
  • bowel diary
  • library of clinically-validated articles
  • bowel symptom tracking
  • exercise plan (via Squeezy)
Anal incontinence screenshot
Bowel diary screenshot
Clinician and patient


  • enable remote monitoring of patients with SNS devices pre and post implant
  • increase patient adherence to pelvic floor muscle exercise and relaxation programmes
  • increase patient engagement with their treatment
    increase patient motivation to complete exercises, bowel diaries and follow clinician-directed plans
  • improve patient outcomes
  • reduce cost of service for all clinic models including reduction in: DNAs, non-compliant appointments, F2F appointments (converted to telephone), overall appointments and surgery
  • stratify which patients to prioritise for treatment


For results on the efficacy of Living With’s bladder and bowel products head to the Bladder & Bowel Case Studies page.