We are on a mission to optimise the healthcare system by delivering a range of flexible, remote patient management products.
Patient and clinician

What we offer

Your development

You will become part of an eclectic team of people who have expertise in numerous fields: from software engineering and UX design to writing and marketing. We encourage you to diversify your skill set by providing you with the support and training you need—whether that be on the job or as part of an external course. Our teams are transparent and always open to new perspectives.

Hybrid working

We realise that productivity does not rely on being in an office every day. We firmly believe that a mix of office and home-working provides the best balance for employees. Each employee has their own hybrid working situation; with new starters more office time is scheduled to offer support and to bring them up to speed.


When in the London office you can expect free coffee, tea, cider and beer. If you fancy a lunchtime diversion, the London office also has a ping pong table and boardgames. The Bath office is a 10 minute walk from the city centre.


  • App development
  • Web development
  • Support
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Management
  • Operations
  • UX/UI
  • Content production
  • Data

Current Vacancies

Are you a positive and driven individual keen to join our growing digital healthcare business?

We are looking for bright, talented individuals who can work at pace to bring about cutting-edge software solutions for patients and clinicians.

Our vacancies are:

  • Account Manager
  • Group Programme Manager
If you are interested, please send a CV and a covering letter (covering letter up to maximum of 2 pages) to Don’t see a role that works for you? We are accepting open applications. To submit one, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Staff testimonials

Mobile development

The working environment at Living With is so friendly and supportive which promotes learning and improvement. Being a contributor in a leading care solution for patients all over the country will always be a source of pride.
Ayman, Developer
Ayman, developer at Living With
Doris, developer at Living With

My background in teaching gives me a unique insight into the many different ways a user might interact with software.

I enjoy being at Living With because my insights and opinions are always heard; my teammates are supportive and I value their expertise; and I feel that I can make a positive impact in the lives of others.

When I’m not coding, I like to sing with my choir, cosplay as video game and fiction characters, and DM DnD campaigns for my friends.

Doris, Developer

Platform development

Living With is just a great place to work. It is a ‘tech for good’ company which genuinely cares about the work we do. It is also full of amazing people.

It’s always so heartwarming to hear from patients whose quality of life has been helped by using the app and product we’re working on day to day: it definitely helps to remind us of the goal of helping people live with chronic conditions and that it definitely works!”

Dave, Operations and Infrastructure Developer
Dave, Operations and Infrastructure Developer at Living With
Dan, UX Designer at Living With


It’s a friendly, supportive and close-knit team. We always aim to achieve high standards: both in the experience we deliver to our users and the implementation behind the scenes.

From a personal perspective the company is always supportive, allowing you to grow in the direction best suited to your own strengths and career aspirations.

There’s also plenty of opportunity to be involved in designing the solutions that make a real difference to a user’s health. It’s an exciting, creative and genuinely rewarding company to work for.

Dan, UX Designer


Living With is a fast-moving company which allows everyone to be exposed to different areas of the business and its wide range of products. No two projects are the same, you might be working with an NHS team one moment and then switching to speak directly with a patient or whole pharma department. Everyone in the company is encouraged to be “T” shaped: to be an expert in their individual area, but to also know a bit about all the other functions. Because we meet as a whole company on a regular basis, everyone’s feedback is welcomed and you have opportunities to have influence outside of your specific job role.

Rhiannon, Operations Manager

Rhiannon, Operations Manager at Living With
Georgia, Content and Product Executive at Living With


A key reason I enjoy working at Living With is because the company brings together an eclectic group of talented people who wish to use their expertise to improve people’s lives. What’s more, I am constantly developing new skills in various sectors: from coding to marketing. The ‘cross-pollination’ mindset of the company is wonderful in the sense that everyone, and the business, benefits from new ideas coming from different perspectives, and colleagues understand and appreciate all the different elements that go into creating a Living With product.

Georgia, Content Manager

Open applications

Please use the form below to send a brief cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining the company, and your CV. We will get back to you as soon as we can.