Lung Cancer

Increase the number of lung cancer patients who receive the right pre-hab treatment to increase survival rates and reduce bed days.

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There are 46,388 new lung cancer cases each year. Surgery provides the best cure rate for lung cancer, however, ~50% of eligible patients cannot receive surgery due to poor cardiorespiratory fitness.

Barts have set up a Physiotherapist led preoperative exercise programme which has significantly improved their resection rates from 12.8% to 23.4%. Its use has potential to increase the number of patients fit for surgery and save the NHS more than £6 million by saving an average of 2.75 bed days per patient.

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Living With Lung Cancer allows patients to carry out a full and personalised set of exercises at home whilst being remotely monitored by a clinician.

The clinician is able to trigger a range of digital interventions (video, reminders, email prompts, clinician tips) based on the patient’s performance of each exercise. They can also monitor their patient’s progress from a real-time portal.


  • messaging
  • patient and clinician enrolment
  • file attachments
  • goal tracking
  • symptom tracking
  • medication tracking
  • general outcomes: EQ5D-5L
  • condition-specific outcome measures: HNA (Holistic Needs Assessment)
  • library of clinically-validated articles
  • weight tracking
  • daily exercise tracker


  • improve patient fitness
  • increase levels of surgery
  • reduce bed days
  • manage the patient’s care more efficiently: provide them with quick and easy personalised exercise plans as they follow the pathway
  • increase patient engagement with their treatment
  • increase patient motivation to follow clinician-directed plans
  • increase patient understanding
    improve patient outcomes


For information on the efficacy of Living With’s cancer products head to the Evidence page.
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