Our Story

Our business began by creating the Squeezy app to tackle the taboo of incontinence. We were driven to create Squeezy by the appalling lack of awareness of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, associated symptoms and available treatments. There was embarrassment, fear and lives were ruined, as well as poor adherence with exercises for those with more knowledge.

Squeezy became the No. 1 app in this area and the No. 1 paid medical app in the UK. We saw the interest and excitement from patients and clinicians. We started donating part of Squeezy’s profits to the NHS. Our success with Squeezy opened our eyes to the wider needs and opportunities for technology in remote healthcare.

We know from personal experience of long-term conditions how critical the relationship is between the doctor and the patient: using tech to make this work flexibly was a huge opportunity to improve patient care.

We set out our vision to be multi-condition, to enable any clinician anywhere to support any patient remotely. We started working with a range of clinicians and academics to develop products in many different areas. Our platform and range of conditions expands all the time.

Living WIth - Our Story
Living WIth - Our Story
Living WIth - Our Story
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Our Vision

A world in which any clinician can remotely assess, treat and rehabilitate any patient with any symptom or condition in minutes so that they can lead more predictable and healthier lives.

Our Mission

To build a platform for community or hospital healthcare providers with 1000s of clinically validated, engagingly compelling, treatment programmes available through one app, configured for their service to use in the most efficient manner, and being used by 1 million clinicians every day.

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