Oesophageal Cancer

Improve the patient experience and their individual care whilst reducing the administrative inefficiencies for their CNS and associated clinical team.

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The centralisation of care for oesophageal cancer patients improves outcomes but can make it harder for patients and healthcare staff. In fact, patients often suffer from a terrible patient experience (Cancer Patient Experience survey: CPES data) and from confusion over who is in charge of their care.

For Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) the monitoring of patients across different hospital sites is difficult: this leads to increased inefficiencies of care, administrative burdens and differences in treatment pathways.

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Living With Oesophageal Cancer provides patients with one accurate and tailored source of information, which they can access at any time. It improves communication with their complete care team (nurse, dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist) and enables them to contribute more to their own care decisions. For clinicians, it facilitates better monitoring of patients across hospital trusts, more efficient communications with patients, and reduces DNA rates and A+E attendances.


  • messaging
  • patient and clinician enrolment
  • file attachments
  • goal tracking
  • symptom tracking (general)
  • medication tracking
  • condition-specific outcome measures: HNA (Holistic Needs Assessment)
  • library of clinically-validated articles
  • weight tracking


  • improve patient understanding and engagement
  • improve quality of care
  • reduce wasted appointments
  • manage a patient’s care more efficiently, quickly and easily providing them with personalised information as they follow the pathway
  • increase patient engagement with their treatment
  • increase patient motivation to follow clinician-directed plans
  • increase patient understanding
  • improve patient outcomes


For information on the efficacy of Living With’s cancer products head to the Evidence page. Also read the Sage journal article on our Oesophageal product.

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