Why is our platform different?

Living With provides your hospital or clinic with a single platform, and a catalogue of products and programmes, so you can tailor patient pathways for different symptoms and stages of treatment. Your hospital and clinic doesn’t need 100s of apps: it can do everything through the one Living With app. Healthcare providers can provide the app to multiple clinics to improve patient outcomes and save clinic time and money.
Living With platform diagram
Clinician using laptop
Clinician using laptop

What the platform consists of

The platform provides your integrated care systems, hospital or clinic with:


A single app for patients through which they can receive different products for different conditions.

FACIT fatigue
Breathlessness treatment


An app for carers (trusted family and friends) to help support patients remotely.

Carer web app - covid recovery


A clinician portal to monitor, rehabilitate and support patients, while also being able to optimise their interventions.

Ankylosing Spondylitis clinician dashboard screenshot

3rd party provider

A 3rd party dashboard for the management of multiple clinics and access to aggregated and anonymised data.

Living With patient engagement report

How it works for the patient

Through the one Living With app, patients can be given different products, each with a variety of tools. Here are some examples of the products and tools a patient may use.
How it works for the patient diagram
How it works for the patient diagram
How it works for the patient diagram
How it works for the patient diagram

What is in the library

Your hospital or service can simply select from our ever expanding catalogue of programmes for managing different symptoms and conditions.

We have existing products and programmes in the following condition or symptom areas.


Programme - Active Lives
Ankylosing spondylitis
Programme - Speech and Language Therapy
Breathing pattern disorder
Programme - Breathlessness treatment
Programme - Chronic fatigue syndrome
Covid recovery
Early inflammatory arthritis
Faecal incontinence
Programme - Fatigue treatment
Programme - Lower limb replacement
Programme - Lung Cancer
Programme - Mindfulness meditations
Oesophageal cancer
Overactive bladder
Programme - Pain management
Pelvic organ prolapse
Pregnancy pain
Prostate cancer
Rheumatoid arthritis
Programme - Sexual Health
Programme - Sleep improvement
Programme - Speech and Language Therapy
Squeezy Connect
Squeezy Maternity
Programme - Stress & Anxiety treatment
Type 1 diabetes & eating disorders
Programme - Your assessment

What the benefits are

Living With delivers the following benefits:

  • Increase service level capacity and efficiency.
  • Improve equality of access.
  • Improve patient outcomes by increasing patient adherence to treatment programmes.
  • Empower patients to self-manage with patient education and evidence-based, self-management tools.
  • Remote monitor the population-level, long-term health of patients living with long-term conditions.
  • Optimise the use of surgery: reduce or increase the number of patients having surgery by providing patients with specific prehab or rehab programmes that they can carry out at home.
  • Carry out research with your patients’ shared, aggregated, anonymised data with research partners.
  • Make patient appointments more efficient, and save time and cost in communicating with patients.

Alternatively we can create new products for you

Typically a new product contains generic features, such as:
messaging, diaries and symptom, goal and medication tracking.

Then, these can be paired with condition-specific tools, including customised assessments, specialist content and PROMs to configure quickly and easily into your ideal app.

You can combine different features to suit the needs of your clinic and patients using this hierarchy.

1. Base:

EQ-5D, WSAS, Demographic questionnaire, Symptom Tracker, Messaging with File Attachments & Reading List (one or two way), and Goal and Medication Trackers.

2. Cross-condition tools:

Diary (simple) or Fatigue, Activity or Thought Diary, FACIT-Fatigue, GAD-7 (Anxiety), PHQ-8/9 (Depression), PDQ-5 (Brain fog), Content (C.A.M.), Content Modules and Physical Activity Tracker (+ Nutrition content).

3. Configured, condition-specific tools:

PROM, Programme, Content (C.A.M.), Diary (simple) and Symptom Tracker.

4. Bespoke, condition-specific tools:

Custom Service Evaluation (PREM), Custom Assessment, Custom Tracker/Diary, Exercise Module (physical/mental), Carers, Specialist Content and Custom Dashboard.