The study uses Living With’s data from the Covid Recovery product (LWCR).

The study concludes with the following paragraph: “In this first UK national study reporting clinical symptoms from patients referred for assessment and treatment of PCS, we demonstrate high levels of functional impairment and low HRQoL. Fatigue appears to be the symptom most strongly associated with functional impairment. Currently, clinical services lack evidence-based approaches in treating patients experiencing fatigue related to PCS with no standard rehabilitation pathway. This requires further targeted research. Our future work to explore the recovery trajectory of patients using the LWCR DHI may help to establish the extent to which WSAS and other PROMs are sensitive to changes in the health of a patient with PCS. This work can contribute to the identification of PROMs best suited for use in assessing, managing and treating patients with PCS, both digitally and in face- to-face appointments.”

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