App-supported care for Long Covid patients, optimising health care access

Clinician with patient

The Living With Covid Recovery app “was developed to facilitate a novel approach to the rehabilitative journey, with a minimum viable product (MVP) in use from August 2020. The app was produced by various expert health care specialists and provided by Living With Ltd. The app enabled patients to access educational material, work through treatment programmes, track progress with PROMS and message their team for support.”

Key findings:

  • “One physiotherapist could manage a caseload of 100 patients in the equivalent time it would take to see around 10 patients face to face.”
  • “As a physiotherapist, I am often limited to the structures of clinic timetables and traditional NHS pathways of care. [Living With] enables you to walk alongside patients in the journey of their rehabilitation, enhancing what you can offer them. You can track their progress and communicate with them regularly; offering support, advice or escalating their next face-to-face review if required. This provides excellent care for patients where they have a real sense of ongoing therapist support.” – Hannah Hylton, Highly Specialist Respiratory Physiotherapist, Barts Health NHS Trust.
  • “This app has helped us manage the challenge of providing responsive, triaged support to patients recovering from Covid. The flexibility of the platform and ability to change content rapidly has allowed us to provide the best care we can to patients over the pandemic and having seen the advantages we plan to continue to provide this model of care for other conditions moving forwards.” – Dr Paul Pfeffer, Respiratory Consultant, Barts Health NHS Trust.

You can find out more on the NHS website.