From late 2020, the COPD Camden Service has been trialling the Living With Covid recovery programme.



‘The app is a really proactive way of managing people and as clinicians we love that. No one goes to the doctor or physio when they are ok. You go when you are sick, anxious, depressed. The app enables us to spot people before they crash, make contact and offer treatment before things get worse. Instead of meeting people when they are in a heap, we can meet them when they are in the middle, vastly improving their recovery process.’ – Heidi Ridsdale, Clinical Lead and Respiratory Physio.

 ‘As clinicians we are not taught how to work remotely, but with this app enabling us to do just that, we can still do a brilliant job of supporting our patients. Patients can take ownership of their condition and can message clinicians when they need support. We don’t need to worry that we are providing ‘average’ treatment as we are empowering patients with the tools to get themselves better. Their recovery is in their hands but we are going to help, coach and support them along the way.’ – Rachel Okin, Physio for COPD Camden Service.